Anonymous asked:

How do you make a tags page on Tumblr? When I say this, I mean like have a page with a list of links of your tags. I know how to tag and all that but I'm getting so confused with the actual tags page. Please help? Thank you so much!


If you rather have a page with the links to your tags, then you simply have to go to customize mode, scroll down to the pages option and make a new page with the standard layout and add your links in the body. I don’t know if you have already read my tutorial on how to make a tagged page, but basically here’s what you need to do once you get to the option of making a new page: 

I plan on updating my tutorial soon because I realize it is very long because it shows both how to tag posts and how to make a page with the tagged posts, so keep an eye on that.

I hope I was of some help and thanks for asking for help :)

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