How to Disable Infinite Scrolling on Tumblr

Infinite scrolling is one of the features that characterizes Tumblr and it is great up to a certain level, but what happens when you start using tumblr and click a bunch of links and when you want to go back you find out that you don’t return to the same place in the dashboard? It’s pretty annoying, isn’t it? I’ve experienced this so many times that you would think I’m now careful enough about not clicking those links directly, but the truth is that I’m not. When I was actually careful, I would always right-click the link and open it either in a new tab or a new window so that I could go back to looking at the new posts in my dashboard when I was done looking at the linked content, but like I said, this wouldn’t always work. I got so tired of looking at posts over and over to find where I left off that I decided to disable infinite scrolling. 

I don’t know if I’m touching a “duh” setting that people have discovered long ago, but for those who are new to Tumblr or that never even thought of having such an option, I think it’s something worth mentioning. 

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    They’ve probably changed up the menu since then, but the option is still there. First click the gear for preferences,...
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    Yeah I disabled infinite scrolling cuz it screwed up my pc
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    Oh wow, I’m surprised I didn’t know this LOL
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    Hope everyone disables endless scrolling.
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