How to Print Screen an entire Webpage on Google Chrome

For this video tutorial I decided to show you one little trick I use when I need to print screen a full webpage. I’ve used other tools to print a full webpage into a PDF, but most of the times I wanted to do that I needed to make a couple of changes to the image, so I had to do a bunch of other things to be able to edit such image.

I have also tried to use the print screen button in my keyboard to copy part by part the entire web page and then line all the parts together and then save it as a PNG. This doesn’t sound hard to do and it isn’t, but that also takes lots of steps (lots of time) and good vision which I unfortunately don’t have.

With the Screen Capture app by Google I don’t need to all of those extra things and it takes me just a couple of seconds. I discovered this app a couple of months ago, but never really used it before until a couple of days ago and it can be quite useful. In the video I only talk about using it to capture a full webpage fast and easy, but it also has capabilities of capturing only a piece of the page, capture the visible content (which is sort of like what print screen does but only in the browser), capture an entire page which was mentioned already and capture a screen region which is exactly what the print screen button does.

When you take your screenshot, a new tab with the image will open. You will notice you have a couple of tools here: you can highlight regions, blur and block parts from showing, add text and use lines and arrows. As you can see, it is a great tool for tutorials that I will be using a lot. 

The only downside I find for this app is the fact that it is designed to work more for the browser than anything else. What I am referring is to the “capture screen region” option. For example, lets say you need to capture a picture of your desktop without any other windows obstructing it and you try to use the “capture screen region” option in the app. You will find out that you cannot really do that since you have to be looking at the browser window to be able to click on the option and once the option is activated, you cannot move around anything so you will end up having the browser window in your “shot”. I guess the only way to prevent this is if you had two monitors attached to the same computer, but I haven’t tried this myself. It’s not a big deal, but it’s worth mentioning. You could use the print screen button and paint for this particular task anyway, so it’s not all bad.

If you have any questions about this app, you can leave a comment below or in the video page, contact me on TwitterFacebook, in my new Google+ page or in my ask box. If you have questions about any other computer thing, you can also contact me through the Requests section in my website and fill the mini form I have there so you can explain me what do you need help with and I can provide you a detailed explanation if needed. 

I hope this app helps you in things like school projects or tutorials like it will help me.

Have a Good Day! 

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